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Snap the Reigns

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I felt the longing of someone calling,
no one around me could hear at all
A deep belonging to another world,
a brilliant light flashed on the wall
And broken visions of battle stories,
I’ve seen your face although we’ve never met
I felt the power running through me,
a global network where souls are kept
My heart is pounding, the clock is racing,
and now I’m running but I don’t know why
How will I find you? How do you know me?
I’ll meet you halfway up in the sky
And through the doorway to ancient glory,
the network pulses through all that breathe
Below the tree-line, a mighty shelter,
the surging water never sleeps
The golden roses, the holy mountains,
they know they’re part, they play it well
It’s understood that life goes on,
the seasons change, the hunters kill…
I try to sing, but the words tighten in my throat
every time I look up at the stars
And everyone knows,
that if you never snap the reigns,
you’ll never find out who you are…