1. Second Wind

From the recording In Between

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Second Wind

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The more lost I get the more I find myself,
and the stories that I’ve got
come from things I should regret
I’ve been up and down and out beside myself,
guess I’ll think about it when I finally catch my breath

Cause all I’ve got to lose now is everything,
and everything I lost before is what it took to get
You ask me what I want now more than anything,
I wanna catch my second wind before I catch my breath

So bang the drums and let them beat inside my heart,
let my voice ring them out like an echo in the depths
And let me be your spark to find your answers in the dark
let me catch my second wind before I catch my breath

I see mountains all around, three miles high
I see rivers running down, storms in the sky
I see a tavern in the town, people warm and dry
and I feel strong… but I don’t know why