1. OK OK OK

From the recording In Between

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I got this feeling now it’s in my blood
I like to keep my boots in the mud
And my head in the stars
and turn the music up all the way
It ain’t always cool,
but I’m a happy fool, Ok…

The high road’s a harder climb it’s true
but it comes with a better view
Where the air is clear
and there’s nothing in the way
Just the tops of the trees
and a wandering breeze, Ok…

How far will you go before
you let yourself come alive?
Before you know,
you’ll be saying goodbye…

I got this feeling now it’s in my feet
got me runnin’ up and down the street
While my heart keeps time
and my head looks the other way
Cause the pretty little bird said
“I’m just like you”
the tables turn just like they always do
I finally learned it’s in the
things that you do. not. say.
Ok, Ok, Ok…