1. Dream to Chase

From the recording In Between

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Dream to Chase

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This is a recital now. Recital of nightmares & dreams
If you’re never caught with your head in the clouds,
you won’t understand what it means
I’m down on the ocean floor,
tryin’ to see the world from another place.
Where no one’s ever been before.
I’ve been looking for the master’s face…
I got a song and a dream to chase

I’ll miss this home of mine,
I wonder what I might’ve become
I’ll never know, I’m leaving tonight...
like a lead bullet leaves a gun
And I ain’t never coming back.
I’ve been moving at a breakneck pace...
They say the man in the glass is a hard test to pass.
I took a long look in his face...
Found a song and a dream to chase

And it feels like letting go...
and it feels. It feels... just like letting go!

This is a battle now, a battle of nightmares & dreams.
Building me up, they’re tearing me down,
glory and fear I can hear em’ both scream
And all at once I’m torn apart...
in that critical moment, that can’t be replaced.
I gave you a piece of my heart, and another line on my face...
For a song and a dream to chase...